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Aksu Energy and Trade Inc. Was established on November 21, 1985 by 30 founder partners with a capital of TL 100.


Company No. 3096 Build-Operate-Transfer Model 04 September 1985 and 18 858 in the Official Gazette published "within Turkey Electricity institution of electrical energy to organizations outside the manufacturing plant up and Isparta on 19-02-1986 accordance with the provisions of the regulation sets out the principles for granting a permit to operate Eğirdir- 2X6.5 = 13MW (36 Million KWH) installed power of Aksu-Çayköy Hydroelectric Power Plant contract in Çayköy and the plant was commissioned on 08-12-1989. Operating time of the power plant 49 years. Founded by the Build-Operate-Transfer model in Turkey is the first company property.

All of our company is open to the public; There is no shareholder who has 10% share in the capital.

The Company is subject to the Capital Market Law No. 2499; The ceiling capital of this day is TL 50 million. With the capital increase made on 23-24 December 1999, 15.52% of the Company's capital was increased to TL 522 thousand with an amount of TRY 81 Thousand. Our shares have started to be traded on the National Market as of January 04, 2000, and on 20 December 2000, 3 times (300%) of the Company's capital was increased from internal sources (share premium) to TL 2,088,000. It has interests. In January 2006, the Company increased its issued capital to TL 8,352,000 by increasing the capital by 100%. In February 2018, the Company increased its issued capital to TL 16,500,000.00 by making a capital increase of 47,55%, a 50% capital increase.

1989 Kasım Ayında üretime başlayan santralimiz üretime başladığı tarihten dönem sonuna kadar 970.743.786 KWH net üretim gerçekleştirmiştir.

Our company is the FIRST Build-Operate-Transfer Model Hydro Electric Power Plant that has been opened to the Stock Exchange.

Şirketimiz 14.01.2015 tarihinde Lisanssız Elektrik Üretimi kapsamında 1 MW Gönen G.E.S.’i devreye alarak Güneş Enerjisinden Elektrik Üretimine Başlamıştır. Güneş Enerjisi kurulu gücünü 2018 Yılı itibari ile 8 MW çıkarmış olan şirketimiz 2020 yılı Haziran sonuna kadar 48.070.461 KWH net üretim gerçekleştirmiştir.

Our Company owns a 16.74% shareholding in Göltaş Energy Electricity Generation Inc. with capital of TL 94.400.500.00. Göltaş Energy Electricity Production Inc. On 10 August 2002, Eşen II HEPP with an installed capacity of 44.3 MW on the Eşen River in the Fethiye district of Muğla started to produce electricity.

The production capacity of the two power plants is 104.30 MW and the total annual production capacity of the two power plants is estimated to be 380 GWh. 38 years, 4 months and 25 days.

Our company has nearly 300 founding partners and is listed on the stock exchange. Therefore, a model company has a small savings of ten thousand.

We believe that our 27-year transparent efforts to encourage small investors and spread capital to the bottom should be considered as a model company where the Build-Operate-Transfer model is the best practice and result.