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We make our biggest investments for renewable energy for our future. We are working for the future of our country and for a better world.

Hydroelectric power plant

Hydroelectric Energy  takes its source from the rivers. During the generation of hydroelectric energy, the kinetic energy released by the flow of water is sent to the turbines by the channels built. It is one of the most preferred energy sources.

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Solar energy

Solar energy is one of the leading energy types among sustainable energy sources. Ari is described as an energy source   sun; It does not contain harmful substances such as gas, smoke and sulfur.

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Wind rose

Wind energy is generated by the construction of turbines in high zones. Power of wind  This renewable energy is used more and more effectively as it becomes predictable with the development of technology.

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Aksu Energy and Trade Inc. Founded on November 21, 1985 by 30 founding partners.

49 Years In Turkey-Operate-Transfer model established by first company feature. All of our company is open to the public; There is no shareholder who has 10% share in the capital.


Our Partnership

Our Company's Registered Capital Ceiling is TL 50,000,000. TL 16,500,000 was paid. The shares of our Company are publicly traded and the shares of B Group are traded on the BIST, AKSUE code in the National Market.